The creative industry unites in ‘This Is Not A Simulation!’

5 June, 2020

On Wednesday 3 June, This Is Not A Simulation! kicked off with the first launch of ideas for the programme initiated by The Creative Industries Fund, the Federation Creative Industry and Dutch Design Foundation. Check out the recorded ‘livecast’.

The coronavirus has a major impact on society and economy. The creative industry is also heavily affected. Revenue models of the sector are not sturdy enough to withstand adversity, not even for a short time. The sector lacks reserves and resilience, besides that the sector does not yet seem to have an answer to a permanently changed living and working situation. ‘This Is Not A Simulation!‘ aims to bring the Dutch creative industry together to tackle future challenges and to explore unconventional ways of thinking that stimulate the resilience of the design sector.

In the coming period, a number of themes will be covered by means of a ‘live’ magazine formed by an independent, constantly changing editorial board. After three weeks, the results will be presented publicly to the next editorial board, which will take over from there. The activities arising from the various editorial boards will be shared during Dutch Design Week 2020.

Key questions

  • How are we going to collaborate in a better and different way in the future?
  • Which business models are more resistant to adversity?
  • How do we create new forms of commissioning?
  • How can we better secure design power for urgent social challenges?
  • How can we as a creative industry better organize ourselves?
  • How can talent position itself better, more diverse, inclusive and international?

Last Wednesday, the first editorial board got together, consisting of Martijn de Waal, Pauline van Dongen, Jeroen van de Eijnde, Kevin de Randamie, Afaina de Jong and Antoinette Hoes. The programme was moderated by Saskia van Stein. Speakers included Tina Lenz, Nadine Ridder and Magriet Koedooder. You can watch the recorded livecast in the video below.