What if Lab

What if Lab challenges the business community and the design world to come up with specific answers to current issues.

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What if Lab - Leolux 2030 - Studio Lonk
What if Lab - NS - Luisterruit - Tom Lois & Manon van Hoeckel
What if Lab - Sustainable Society - Vivian Maretina & Marleen van Bergeijk
What if Lab Provincie Noord Brabant - Bepaalbak - Bouke Bruins & Daan Wubben

How can we intensify the collaboration between designers and companies or governments? What if Lab provides you with the answer. Looking deeper into challenges that arise from such collaborations, this programme presents surprising conclusions. It is about exchange: companies and service organisations get the chance to work closely with professionals in design and designers get the chance can get caught up in large, more complex challenges. Both parties broaden their network at the same time.

What you can expect: the prospective clients have a specific issue for which they invite a designer to admission a concept. Subsequently, the organisation selects a number of designers and compensates them for bringing the concept into practice. The final step is to single out one of the designers and ask the designer at hand to come up with a prototype or a final product.

As such, the company becomes more aware of how designers can in fact be the driving force when it comes to crafting solutions to intricate issues and bringing them into practice. DDF oversees these trajectories and helps the organization at hand when it comes to formulating a research question.