DDF shows how designers around the world are shaping a positive future
Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) is optimistic and believes that the problem-solving capacity of designers can improve the world. That’s why DDF offers designers opportunities, support, publicity and a platform. But how do we do that? We do this in a variety of ways. By means of large and small events, exhibitions, talks, prizes and debates, DDF provides a platform for the best and most promising designers. In this way, we help them to spread their ideas and work. The foundation organises events and projects such as: Dutch Design WeekWorld Design EmbassiesDutch Design Awards and Design Works. DDF stimulates and inspires, reaching well beyond the Netherlands.

DDF always has a double objective: to strengthen the position and meaning of Dutch designers and to show how designers around the world are shaping a positive future. To achieve this, DDF manifests itself in four roles: Matchmaker (connecting designers to clients); ‘Accelerator’ (accelerating the research or creation process); Podium (offering an international platform in various ways); Inspirator (we inspire change makers with explorations of the future).


Martijn Paul;en
Martijn Paulen Bestuurder Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Igor van Hooff Bestuurder Dutch Design Foundation E-mail

Office Management

Heidi van Heumen
Heidi van Heumen Office Manager Dutch Design Foundation E-mail

Programme & Community Dutch Design Week

Jorn Konijn Head of Programme Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Lisa Hardon
Lisa Hardon Programme & Community Manager Dutch Design Week E-mail
Marleen van Bergeijk
Marleen van Bergeijk Programme & Community Manager Dutch Design Week E-mail
Vincent van Herk
Vincent van Herk Programme & Community Manager Dutch Design Week E-mail
Ruud Scheerens
Ruud Scheerens Assistant Programme & Community Dutch Design Week E-mail

What if Lab

Dries van Wagenberg
Dries van Wagenberg Coördinator What if Lab E-mail
Lio de Bruin - What if Lab
Lio de Bruin Assistent What if Lab E-mail


Lotte Douwes
Lotte Douwes Antenna World Design Embassies E-mail

Dutch Design Awards

Frederiek Dijkstra
Frederiek Dijkstra Project leader Dutch Design Awards E-mail
Romee Beernink
Romee Beernink Production Dutch Design Awards E-mail

World Design Embassies

Marianne Aarnoudse
Marianne Aarnoudse Project leader World Design Embassies E-mail

Driving Dutch Design

Katja Lucas
Katja Lucas Driving Dutch Design Dutch Design Foundation E-mail


Ingrid van der Wacht
Ingrid van der Wacht International & Public Affairs Dutch Design Foundation E-mail


Mark de Greeff
Mark de Greeff Chief Marketing Officer Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Marloes Philipse Branding & Traffic Manager Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Julie Trienekes
Julie Trienekens Manager Content Development Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Jip Bierkens
Jip Bierkens Digital Marketing Manager Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Elze Bosch
Elze Bosch Marketing Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Otis Overdijk Social Media Marketeer Dutch Design Foundation E-mail


Elise de Lange
Elise de Lange Senior Operations Manager Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Joanne Houmes
Joanne Houmes Production Assistent Dutch Design Week E-mail
Marco Gelissen
Marco Gelissen Production Klokgebouw Dutch Design Week E-mail
Antoinette Klawer
Antoinette Klawer Volunteer Coordinator Dutch Design Week E-mail

Finance & Funds

Ellen Rass
Ellen Rass Head of Funds Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Mia Theuws
Mia Theuws Administration Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Hans Pieterse Finance Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Francoise Vos
Francoise Vos Funds Dutch Design Foundation E-mail
Bart Janssen
Bart Janssen Funds Dutch Design Foundation

Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) is a not-for-profit foundation with a management board and an independent Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board and the Executive Director focus on the implementation of their tasks in accordance with the Governance Code Culture.

Supervisory Board

The management board reports to the DDF Supervisory Board. The DDF Supervisory Board meets on average four times a year and the members contribute independently and critically to the decision making. The members of the SB fulfil their work entirely without remuneration. The Supervisory Board currently comprises 4 members:

Gerrit Bruggeman (chair)
Hedwig Saam
Marleen Crooijmans
Marièlle Beek


The board is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organisation as well as for running the financial management and implementation of policy and strategy. The DDF board was established in 2013 with Martijn Paulen and Igor van Hooff as Executive Director.

Advisory Board

The foundation disposes of the possibility of appointing advisory boards. An Advisory Board Dutch Design Week (DDW) has been established and currently comprises 21 designers from various disciplines. The DDW Advisory Board meets on average twice a year.
Members of the Advisory Board can provide the Management Board with advice, also outside the scope of the meetings. The members of the DDW Advisory Board fulfil their work entirely without remuneration. Members of the Advisory Board of Dutch Design Week:

Zuzanna Skalska, Peter Kentie, Caroline Hummels, Bart Ahsmann, Piet Hein Eek, Rob van Hattum, Maarten Hendriks, Tjeerd Veenhoven, Daniel Neugebauer, Rob Almering, Lonny van Ryswyck, Leonne Cuppen, Miriam van der Lubbe, Jorge Alves Lino, Remco van der Craats, Bert Hagendoorn, Raffaela Vandermuhlen, Sjoerd Hoyinck, Jelle Mastenbroek, Thomas Widdershoven.

Subscribing to codes

DDF subscribes to the Code Cultural Governance, Code Diversity and Inclusivity and Fair Practice Code

Dutch Design Awards

World Design Embassies

Dutch Design Week

What if Lab