Dutch Design Foundation guest at Alliander’s De Metercast

13 May, 2024

Martijn Paulen and Katja Pahnke, the directors of Dutch Design Foundation, were guests on De Metercast, the latest podcast from energy network Alliander. In this podcast, they explain how design is an essential part of our lives and how Dutch Design Foundation helps organisations and companies address social challenges.

Society faces major challenges. Together with companies, colleges and universities, Dutch Design Foundation is working on solutions. Katja Pahnke even sees this as a duty: ‘We have big transitions we are facing […] we have an obligation to make our collective intelligence available to confront and solve the big problems we are facing.’

Dutch Design Foundation sees society as its commissioner. Because, asks Martijn Paulen, a challenge like the energy transition, who does it belong to? “Does it belong to the government? Does it belong to the user? Does it belong to the companies?”. It belongs to all of us. We create space for creation and experimentation to find answers for the energy transition, for example.

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