Miriam van der Lubbe Creative Head of DDW22

17 March, 2022

Designer Miriam van der Lubbe has recently been appointed as Creative Head of Dutch Design Week 2022 (DDW22). In this capacity she is responsible for the implementation of the DDW22 programme. Together with the board of DDF, she will also be involved in the search for and selection of the new creative leader and face of DDW from 2022 – the successor of Martijn Paulen. As director, he now focuses on the further development of the labels World Design Embassies, What if Lab and a strategic digital transition.

Who is Miriam van der Lubbe?

As a designer, Miriam van der Lubbe is a well known name in the design field. She studied at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, the Sandberginstituut in Amsterdam, TU Delft and at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Together with Niels van Eijk she launched the design studio Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe in 1998. Miriam also holds several managerial positions in the national design field. Furthermore, together with other design icons, she co-founded DDW itself 20 years ago, an event which has since grown to become a 9-day design festival in October and a platform for the design community throughout the year.

Rooted in the design community

With her design background, Miriam understands like no other what the design world must deal with, such as making a contribution to societal challenges in which several parties come together. Miriam: “I collaborate with all kinds of stakeholders. From the corporate world to cultural organisations and governments. With this experience and that network, I hope to be able to take on a connecting role within the design community. I am proud to be able to start working for DDW, for and with the community – and together with the DDW team.”

Design in the current zeitgeist

The development Miriam has experienced as a designer shows parallels with the development of the design profession in the current zeitgeist, she says. “Starting as an autonomous product designer, I have slowly but surely shifted my focus towards strategic design, to spatial assignments and concepts. I also recognise this same development in the design field. Now more than ever, we as a community are shaping the future and trying to contribute to a better world,” says Miriam. “This development deserves a beautiful podium, and I am glad that I can make a difference to this at DDW.”