Dutch Design Foundation remains in Basic Infrastructure, advises Council for Culture

Copyright Max Kneefel
9 July, 2024

Dutch Design Foundation, organiser of Dutch Design Week (DDW), among others, was part of the national cultural Basic Infrastructure from 2021. For the policy period 2025-2028, Dutch Design Foundation has submitted a new application. The application has been positively assessed by the Council for Culture. On Prinsjesdag, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science will announce his final decision based on this advice.

Written in the advisory report, “This institution organises an annual international design festival, Dutch Design Week, which reaches a wide and diverse audience. Dutch Design Week is internationally a strong brand that has further professionalised itself in the current policy period.”

The opinion reflects appreciation for the course Dutch Design Foundation has taken. A course in which design quality is central and the designer plays a crucial role in finding new directions to social challenges. This is also the design mentality that DDW stands for. Every year in October, DDW introduces the general public to this – and all other, new – forms of design.

Besides the positive advice for the Basic Infrastructure, it was announced last week that the Advisory Committee for Professional Arts North Brabant, has advised to honor the application made by Dutch Design Foundation within the framework of the Subsidieregeling hedendaagse cultuur Noord-Brabant, paragraph 1 professional arts for the period 2025-2028.

As an organisation, we are extremely pleased with these fine words and the positive advice from both the Council for Culture and the province. We look forward to the next four years!