PONT festively launched on 23 October

2 November, 2023

In a packed hall of the Evoluon, over four hundred civil servants, administrators, researchers, makers and designers witnessed the official launch of the programme De Publieke Ontwerppraktijk (PONT). With the three-year programme, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) is investing to bring together the different worlds of designers and civil servants.

Renske Bouwknegt, project leader pilot design approach, and Martijn Paulen, director Dutch Design Foundation, marked this milestone by symbolically knocking two sides of a cardboard bridge into one. With this, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science formally handed over the programme’s implementation to Dutch Design Foundation on 23 October.

Want to know more? Read the full retrospective on the website of PONT here.

Watch back

Were you unable to be at the launch? But would you like to watch it back? You can! Watch the video below.