Call for Entries DDW22 is now open!

11 April, 2022

The time has come! The Call for Entries for Dutch Design Week 2022 (DDW22) is open. From October 22 to 30, Eindhoven will be completely dedicated to design again. Throughout the city you’ll find special design projects and events. And who knows, you might be part of it!

Sign up process

Sign up now! There are 3 steps in the application process. You can find a detailed explanation of these steps and more information on the application process on the participant page. The possibility to apply closes on July 1. So start on time with your application via My DDW. Don’t you have an account yet? Then first make one, and you’re good to go!

Selection criteria

DDW is there for designers from all possible backgrounds and, as an event, wants to give a broad picture of the design field and realistically represent what is going on in society. DDW’s programme must reflect this diversity and inclusivity. This will play a part in how the four-person programme team will assess all registrations. In addition, the programme team assesses applications against various quality requirements. View the selection criteria.