DDF proud partner of the new Cultural Network NADD

17 December, 2020

Various partners from the cultural field join forces and launch NADD (Network Archives Design and Digital Culture), a new collaboration focusing on Dutch design heritage. Dutch Design Foundation is proud to be one of them.

Design is all around us. Designers and those involved in digital culture have made a great contribution to experiences of beauty, convenience, criticism, well-being and also to identifying and solving social issues. Therefore, in these rapidly changing times, it is essential to be able to look back as well as ahead to what has been conceived, criticised and designed before.

NADD visualises the relationship between design and social innovation. We want to show that the archiving and development of design and digital cultural heritage is of vital importance to society. It is therefore our mission to play a connecting and inspiring role in social innovation and transition issues. For this purpose, the current and future heritage of design and digital culture should be visible, usable and sustainable for professionals, researchers, education and the general public.