Driving Dutch Design: talent development program is up and running again!

12 April, 2023

This spring, Driving Dutch Design (DDD), the annual program that aims to propel the entrepreneurship of creative talent, started again.

This year, 25 participants (23 studios) will explore the next steps for their design practice through a series of master classes, a presentation at Dutch Design Week and a mentoring program. An intensive, but above all rewarding program in which the designers actively gather new ideas and insights for nine months.

The participants, our Drivers, work within a wide range of disciplines and domains, are brimming with creativity and passion, but could use a little push to further develop their entrepreneurship in addition to designing. DDD helps them to professionalize their practice by setting a sharp focus or completely changing course. Check out the Drivers of 2023 here.

The kickoff

In the coming period, the Drivers will collectively attend master classes on a variety of entrepreneurial competencies. Among other things, they will work on their business communication, profiling, presentation skills, financial matters, business management and copyright knowledge. The entire program will be coordinated by Patrick Aarts Sen (BNO).

At the kick-off at Microlab Eindhoven, the Drivers received their first master class. Led by communications professional Astrid Craen-van der Hulst (Communicatiecraen), the participants worked on their positioning and communication skills. Astrid has been involved with DDD since 2015 and is providing three master classes.