Eindhoven to host King’s Day 2021

King Willem-Alexander on working visit Sectie-C 2019
King Willem-Alexander on a working visit at Sectie-C in 2019. Photo: Max Kneefel
26 November, 2020

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, together with other members of the Royal Family and members of the Royal Family, will attend King’s Day 2021 in Eindhoven. This was announced today by The Dutch Government Information Service. Amongst others, Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) will contribute to the organisation of the festive day.

The King’s Day celebration will take place on Tuesday 27 April 2021. Of course, the event will be different than in previous years because of COVID-19. Brainport Eindhoven is therefore developing a program with design and technology for a broad audience that fits within the measures in place at that time.

The royal couple chose Eindhoven because Brainport Eindhoven, with its strength in design and technology, is eminently capable of developing a programme that is not only corona-proof but above all will cast an inspiring eye on a hopeful, beautiful and also human future.

In addition to Dutch Design Foundation, Eindhoven365 and other partners in the city are also working closely with the Royal Family and the Government Information Service on the organisation of King’s Day 2021.