Igor van Hooff makes room for new business director after DDW23

6 July, 2023

After being part of the Supervisory Board for eight years and being the business director for nearly four years, Igor van Hooff hands over his position at the end of this year. Dutch Design Foundation will start recruiting a successor, who will become the managing partner of strategic director Martijn Paulen, straight away.

Dutch Design Foundation is developing rapidly: in the past years Dutch Design Week has grown into an extensive event full of activities and projects that visualise the power of design, and World Design Embassies, What if Lab and Dutch Design Awards each contribute to strengthen the role of design in society. Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) is preparing for the next phase.

Igor van Hooff: “The development of DDF is based on the belief that as a society we require the power of design to ask new questions, gain different insights, and expand our collective imagination. In good consultation with Martijn and the Supervisory Board I will make room for a new director who wants to strengthen and further expand our human-based management culture.”

Governance model

To further shape this ambition, DDF will change its governance model. Director Martijn Paulen will focus mainly on strategic ambitions and innovations. DDF is looking for a general business director who will focus on the organisation and will work on developing new and strengthening existing collaborations. In line with DDF’s ambitions, we strive to find a new director with a diverse profile and an affinity with the design community. Igor van Hooff will remain business director up to and including DDW23.

Read the vacancy for general business director here (in Dutch).

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