Marleen Crooijmans and Marièlle Beek new members Supervisory Board DDF

14 December, 2020

On 3 December, the Supervisory Board of Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) welcomed two new members. We are very pleased and proud to welcome Marleen Crooijmans and Marièlle Beek. Read more about who they are and what motivates them as new members.

Marleen Crooijmans

As a passionate marketer, Marleen Crooijmans embraces diversity and design thinking. Marleen has extensive international management experience in the field of marketing strategy, transformation and digitisation.

According to Marleen, the space to experiment is essential to bring real innovative power to the surface and thus achieve sustainable progress. She endorses DDF’s optimistic approach and belief in the problem-solving ability of designers to make the world a better place. As a new member of the Supervisory Board, she hopes to contribute to this, based

Marièlle Beek

We would also very much like to welcome free-thinker and strategic entrepreneur Marièlle Beek. From her background as Lead Manager at Perspekt Studios (1968, exhibitions mainly in culture) and East Side (1988, events mainly for entrepreneurs, government), she knows exactly what it is like to realise, together with a team and partners, creativity and healthy entrepreneurship. She takes this experience with her to her new role as a member of the Supervisory Board, from where she will oversee the organisation integrally.

Marièlle wants DDF to be ‘cutting edge’ and unifying through the various platforms. In fulfilling her role, she will pay attention to being exclusive for everyone, as the greatest degree of inclusion. This means that DDF is tailored to the individual as much as possible so that everyone who wants to participate is welcome and can participate in his or her own way.

She believes in the following formula: design power (which everyone possesses) + cooperation (Achilles heel) = solution (up to and including the biggest issues). Marièlle wholeheartedly endorses the mission and vision of the DDF. She considers her contribution as a new member of the Supervisory Board to be an honour and a great opportunity.

Strengthened by this new impulse in the Supervisory Board, we as DDF will continue to work on the position and significance of Dutch designers and show how designers around the world are shaping a positive future.